Now AGM A8 can install Resurrection Remix OS

The third party custom ROMs have long been one of important factors to the reason why those users choose Android smartphones thanks to the fact that Android is a open source project allowing all the developers to modify the system, there are a lot of fun ROMs for all kinds of smartphone, such as Lineage OS and resurrection remix OS.

As the successor of CyanogenMod, Lineage OS has entered the field of rugged devices already, the IP68-certified AGM X1 and AGM A8 successively are able to flash the popular custom ROM of Lineage OS thanks to the developers. And recently the AGM company has informed the users that the AGM A8 just got supported by another popular community for custom ROM, the resurrection remix, now the users of the AGM A8 can flash Remix OS based on Android 7.1 Nougat to the phone.


ROM Download:!AGZVgarR!BvtlJ2fd2bDzFO5qRAgHIgXBpZ1RDiX9TgETSy7uH58



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