AGM G1 Pro

IP54 Waterproof
Up to 60°c Temperature Resistance

G1 Pro passed a series of strict water and dust protection tests through IP54 rating, which is effectively prevented from water and dust damage as well as being able to survive in high temperature from -20°c to 60°c. After numerous tests, G1 Pro can effortlessly adapt to many different environments.

IP54 Waterproof | -20°c to 60°c resistance

Ultra-lightweight Design

As wearing G1 Pro you might even won’t notice it thanks to its aluminum alloy cavity which weighs merely 2g. After being optimized by the AGM acoustics lab in German, G1 Pro brings out clear and melodious sound as well as having the lightweight cavity.

* 2g Weight of Cavity

Fabric Wires
Durable and Comfortable

Adopting fabric materials on external makes it not prone to be tangled, coupled with oxygen-free copper inside wrapping up the“KEVLAR” tensile wire can effectively avoid stethoscope effect. Fabric wire has comfortable texture that even in freezing environment it is still staying flexible.

Redesigned Cavity Structure
Brings Refreshing Experience

For bringing you more balanced voices, the sound cavity structure of AGM G1 Pro has been polished for hundreds of times by engineers, which make thick bass and clear treble come out perfectly from separated airflow front tube and outlet of rear cavity.

Balanced Cavity | Separated Airflow

German ARYPHAN Diaphragm

Custom polyarylester diaphragm by German AGM acoustic lab become more flexible and more movable, changing the kinetic energyinto into authentic melodious voices.

ARYPHAN Diaphragm | High Resolution

Cling to Adjustment and Responsibility of Beautiful Sound

297 times repeated tuning up, only for the good sound for every second from 9 years tuning group in German AGM acoustic lab.

Earbud Tips That Kiss Your Skin Constantly Soft

Custom earbud tips of AGM G1 Pro come in three different sizes for you to choose, which not only ensure the personal hygiene but also offer up gentle protection for best sound.

In-ear Design, Farewell to Noise

The in-ear design coupled with the cavity structure give you the most comfortable experience of noise cancelling, enabling you to be immersed in enjoying music fully.

In-ear Design | Noise Reduction

Make the Complicated Simple One fingertip for Controlling All

AGM G1 Pro with mic and remote allows you to adjust phone volume, calls and music playing on AGM phones.

Feel the Joy in Your Hand

The subtle point of AGM G1 Pro has adhered to the quintessence of Bauhaus, we insist on abandoning all the insignificant design to make the AGM G1 Pro mainly adopt concentric circle design and high-strength CNC unibody with silky texture.

Concentric Circle design | CNC Unibody | Exquisite Texture


Model : G1 Pro

Type : In-ear

Impedance : 32±15%Ω

Wire Material : Copper-clad aluminium

Diaphragm : ARYPHAN Polyarylester

Weight : 16g

Driver : 9mm Moving Coil

Length : 1.2m

Total Harmonic Distortion : <5%(1000Hz,1mW)

Drive-by-wire : Available

Sensibility : 98±3dB

Power Rating : 3mW

Color : Black

Plug Type : 3.5mm

Frequency Range : 100Hz—20kHz


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