MIL-STD-810G Military Standard + IP68 Certifited

We reached the North Pole and Himalayas, redefine the standards of outdoor smartphone.

-30°C ~60°C working temperature / 1.5 meters waterproof / 99% dustproof/ Shockproof all around.

Waterproof, Double Security

Structural waterproof and component waterproof

The AGM X2 is still waterproof even if you pull out the plug of headphone jack, usb interface.

1.5 Meters deep | structural waterproof | USB waterproof | Headphone jack waterproof

Note: VOC detector is not waterproof, keep the plug in before the phone gets wet.

agm x2


AGM holds the patent on the smartphone floating module

AGM X2 comes with an additional floating module. Never worry about the phone sinking into the deep water.

Outdoor sunlight display

You’ll clearly see the content on AGM X2 thanks to the 5.5 inches AMOLED display.

Let you know the air quality

The AGM X2 is the world’t first smartphone with a VOC detection sensor, which is capable of detecting volatile organic compounds of indoor & outdoor environment.


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